Our project “Life in Society for All” has been completed | NGO "Dreptul de a fi"

Our project “Life in Society for All” has been completed

Dear friends, we want to share our great joy with you, the project “Life in Society for All” on which we have been working for the last two years has been successfully completed.

We recall that with the support of the European Union, financial support of the Soros- Foundation Moldova, the Keystone Moldova Association, the Alliance of Non-Governmental Organizations in the field of social protection, and the Alliance of Organizations for People with Disabilities, the project managed to change the lives of two families and several inhabitants of Balti Temporary Placement Center, equipping social apartments for them with everything from household appliances to everyday items. The beneficiaries of the project faced great difficulties on the way to such independence, much had to be learned, each new step required courage, but they coped with the issues.

As patrons of the project, it was not easy for us to meet the deadlines under quarantine restrictions, to find the right specialists for implementing the project, accounting, to meet very strict requirements stipulated in the project for the equipment of the apartments. One of the apartments is for persons in the wheelchairs and it had to comply with the principles of accessibility.

We hope that the partnership between civil society and government in this direction will continue to develop. Many inmates of such institutions can successfully integrate into social life and lead an ordinary life, work, study and take part in social projects. A closed lifestyle in a residential institution and isolation from society leads to the lack of elementary life skills. Together we can help them decide to take this step into an independent free life. Basing on these principles, we selected the beneficiaries of the project, they themselves had to be determined to overcome the fear of difficulties and wish to fully integrate into social life.