Project “Life in Society for All” is on the finish line | NGO "Dreptul de a fi"

Project “Life in Society for All” is on the finish line


Dear friends, we have reached the final stage of the big project “Life in Society for All” which we have been implementing for two years with psychologists, ergotherapist and social assistants of the project with the support of the European Union, the government program and world charitable organizations.

We would like to remind you that eight people were deinstitutionalized from Balti Temporary Placement Center for Adults. Two apartments were equipped for them with everything necessary for daily household needs, assistance in socialization and acquiring important social skills were offered. Much of the daily routine seems unusual and surprising to these people, accustomed to the life within the institution with its own regime.

On January 27, the usual purchase of necessary household items, hygiene products, personal belongings, bedding, electrical appliances turned into a real bright event for them. First time in a while they took part in such purchases and could choose something they wanted, expressing their individuality.

People with disabilities need special processes and social technologies for their full-fledged existence. When these conditions are created nothing prevents them from fully participating in social life. The problem of individual self-actualization of this group is also relevant, at present only a small number of them can get a higher education, find a job, create a family and self-fulfill as individuals. The obstacle is not their unwillingness, but a large number of barriers they face. Our legislation proclaims the rights of a “special” person to social integration, education and development, but the mechanisms for the realization of these rights are just beginning to be launched.