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March 1, 2021

Our project “Life in Society for All” has been completed

Dear friends, we want to share our great joy with you, the project “Life in Society for All” on which we have been working for the […]
February 20, 2021

Multifunctional center is being transformed

We have a big dream, and we are confidently approaching it – to open a multifunctional center for people with special needs, who need not only […]
January 27, 2021

Project “Life in Society for All” is on the finish line

Dear friends, we have reached the final stage of the big project “Life in Society for All” which we have been implementing for two years with […]
January 11, 2021

Special power of gratitude

The expression “Thank you” carries a special power. Expressing gratitude, people pass on to each other not only positive emotions, but also inspire to future achievements […]
December 25, 2020

Summing up the results of the contest “We will save little Christmas trees from being cut down.”

The contest which we announced earlier was aimed at drawing attention to the problem of illegal cutting down of Christmas trees before winter holidays. Our wards […]
December 23, 2020

Continuation of the New Year’s marathon “A Smile at Christmas”

New Year’s Eve is the right time to help. Still, the hope for a miracle lives in every heart not only that of a child, but […]
October 1, 2020

Well on the way to completion of the project

On September 25, 2020 “Dreptul de a fi” together with representatives of Balti Temporary Placement Center for persons with disabilities and representatives of the project sponsors, […]
September 25, 2020

Valuable exchange of experience

The activity of “Dreptul de a fi” is not limited to Balti, we try to embrace the whole northern region of Moldova. On September 24 “Dreptul […]
July 4, 2020

Online performance “At the distance”

Fortunately, the quarantine cannot contain the creative impulse of our children from “Nezabudki” group. Children should be happy and make happy everyone around them. Pandemic cannot […]